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Apocalypse-John Bridges

2015-07-01 05:09:18 by AppleLPfreak

Carnage and gore turn the lands red.
The flapping of wings heard overhead.
Eyes of ones sad stare at lives lost.
The eyes become mad, as they pay for the cost.
Lives known to be truthful; revealed a fiction.
The eyes pierce beneath the skin, seeing the addiction.
An addiction to wicked, unrighteous acts.
The wings flap over all, taking the final tax.

Untitled poem

2015-06-26 19:34:38 by AppleLPfreak

Her voice lifted by the winds.
A truth all hear, but deny.
She waits for it,  her heart in susspension.
A voice that would repair all damages.
Dissipates all fears.
Alas, a voice sings to her.
One so ravishing, it's words pleasant and immaculate.
She falls for this voice, it answering her truths with delicate vocabularies.
The voice entwnes with hers, a sound poowerful none can deny.
They become one.
All is lost.

A poem I wrote.

2015-06-09 05:03:47 by AppleLPfreak

Truths(Lies) of Love-John Bridges
Warmth, soothing, delicately graces One's skin, as Ones Eternal Companion is near.
Affection so amorous it fills Ones heart with delight, pulling the strings of the heart vigorously and with great strength.
Melancholy, so unholy when felt, but frequent as One's Eternal Companion is away.
A rage. so bright a star, melting all sense of understanding, but such is hushed when Ones Eternal Companion has sacrificed sanity, for Ones serenity.
Finally, and most of all, love.
Love, a guide, an anchor, a truth, while twinning a liar, a drunkard, and a fleeting passerby.


2015-01-09 18:48:22 by AppleLPfreak

So recently I've really fallen in lov with writing. Most of my stories are short, and are usually about RWBY. But of course, I can write about other things. If anyone that sees this, would like me to write them a story, let me know. I'll do my best.


2013-11-12 03:58:29 by AppleLPfreak

I'm posting something.


Hey guess what?

2013-02-20 14:58:12 by AppleLPfreak


2013-02-07 04:40:51 by AppleLPfreak

anybody like some pound cake?


2012-12-01 03:15:14 by AppleLPfreak

I wish to have a NG logo shirt for Christmas, if anyone wants to buy me one, I would love you forever.

So Newgrounds told me

2012-08-29 13:18:11 by AppleLPfreak

that I must promote this URL: :
so yeah, follow, don't follow, but I'll be more sad if you don't.


2012-08-01 05:56:45 by AppleLPfreak

I was looking through all my old posts and I realized something. I was a dickhead. I just want to say if I offended anybody that I apologize. And I would like to start new, what's going on in your world NG?